Airbus leaving Microsoft Office, adopting Google’s G Suite

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g-suite ipswichEurope aviationcorp Airbus has planned to shift from Microsoft Office and replace it with Google’s G Suite.

The plane manufacturer’s 130,000 staff will soon shift to Google’s online collaboration tools in a project that will take around 18 months to complete, but which could include leaving Microsoft Office altogether.

He stated that, as a result of growth, the company needs access to software that allows for “rapid innovation, speed and agility in execution”. His hunch is that Google’s cloud-based tools are the answer.

From his LinkedIn, he said: “Large industrials anywhere in the world these days are working hard to become more agile and customer-centric and use digital technology to help achieve that. Airbus recognised the transformative power of digital years ago and has been achieving real business results by investing in digitalisation.”

Like many businesses, Airbus has used MS Office for years. However in recent times, Google’s G Suite has emerged as a viable rival – as well as, perhaps, a convenient means of forcing Microsoft to cut better licensing deals.

Hennekens branded Google’s enterprise software as “the best digital tools” available for project teams. His view is that the company is looking to shift away from “traditional organisation structures and ways of working”.

This announcement from Airbus is huge news for Google because it has been working hard to get companies to adopt G Suite, which allegedly generates $1 billion every quarter for the firm.

“Our move to G-Suite will drive real transformational change from the grassroots up, enabling connections between employees like never before. It will give our people the tools to work in a way which is more natural, more collaborative and much more enjoyable.”